How do you arrange your currency transfer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner?

There are various ways to exchange currency from "Bureau de Change" (may just as well be in French for the use they have in changing large sums) through the traditional bank transfer to the ATM (hole in the wall) withdrawal at your destination, but there is a more modern system which is so much more efficient and cost effective.

Over the years we have developed partnerships with various "Currency Brokers" who are a bit like Lidl or Aldi in the banking world, but without the shops to maintain. They operate on much lower margins than the banks whilst offering the same level of security, transferring that saving to you so that you will receive, quite simply, more Euros for your Pound or vice-versa.

The first thought may be, well my bank has always been good to me, so I'll use them for the transfer even if it costs a little bit more (probably just thinking about the commission they're likely to charge you). Your bank may be indispensable for your day to day financial dealings, but would you really want to pay them £500 or most likely upwards of a £1,000 to send your money over? No? Me neither, but that is the sort of money saving that can be made by selecting a more efficient method of transfer.

At CASAS y Cía we recommend Currencies Direct and urge you to contact them directly or visit their websites and decide for yourself whether you feel their services are for you. There is one thing that is very important for us and that is that you register with them having visited their site via our link as this will ensure that not only you save money, but also we will earn a small commission if you later decide to send money via them. Computers are devilishly clever things. Just fill in the "Get a quote" form to save yourself a small fortune!

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